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If you are a disabled rider, & are looking to have a bike adapted to use. I am very experienced in the fitment of things like Kliktronic gear change systems etc. I can fabricate and/or machine any necessary bracketry & components required in house. This is very bespoke work, & must be done correctly to ensure the machine is safe. I am affiliated with the NABD. (National Association of Bikers with disability).

I work on Trike's too, (most of them). I have seen some pretty horrific, & dangerous workmanship on many over the years, & have become something of an expert at de-lousing them, & turning them into safe machines.

VFR1200 Crosstourer.

Left hand throttle & brake conversion. Using an AP Racing Master cylinder, & bespoke mirror & reservoir bracket.

VFr1200 Crosstourer.

Front view of AP Racing cylinder.

VFR1200 Crosstourer.

Parking brake relocation.

Yamaha YBR125.

Kliktronic gear shifter installation.