As many of our regular customers know, I feed the birds in my yard on a daily basis. I have a number of different species that come in. Such as; Pied Wagtails, Robins, Blackbirds, a Wren or two, & of course, Pigeons.

Pigeon's are gentle good natured birds, that have been badly represented by the media- 'Rats with wings' etc. Most wildlife centres, Vets, & the RSPCA etc do little for them.

I take in, & care for sick or injured Pigeons. Ultimately, I take them to a sanctuary in Sutton, that's run by a couple of friends of mine.

To supplement the sanctuary, they do Pet portraits in proper old fashioned oil paints. They're very good at it, & the portraits are very reasonably priced.

Text them on; 07789 334486, & they'll get back to you. You won't be disappointed.