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Stewarts motorcycle repairs

Stewart Motorcycle repairs

Do you have a project that you need custom parts for? Like spacers or spindles etc. Or if you need anything modified

Currently I can offer thread repairs to stripped threads. I have a wide range of Heli-coils & solid thread inserts. I have Mig and Arc welding facilities to steel items. So if you need anything specially made, please call with your ideas.

With my Lathe I am able to offer bespoke custom or replacement parts for your Motorcycle, or anything else for that matter. I have acquired a new milling machine, as my old 'greasy Beaver' (nudge nudge) has had it.

I work on Trike's too, (most of them). I have seen some pretty horrific, and dangerous workmanship on many over the years, and have become something of an expert at de-lousing them, and turning them into safe machines.

Engineering and Machining
Engineering and Machining
Engineering and Machining
Engineering and Machining

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Stewarts Motorcycle Repairs location

Stewarts Motorcycle Repairs
Unit 2, Longford Industrial Estate,
Hampton, Middlesex.
TW12 3AD
Rear of 44-46 Uxbridge Road Workshop: 01932 782103 Mobile: 07917 773223